About Us

Furniture Restoration and French Polish Services

furniture restoration westminster

High quality french polishing and furniture restoration in Barnet, Westminster and surrounding areas.


We have worked in the centre of London and surrounding boroughs for over 40 years and offer a prompt, reliable and professional standard of work.


Our clients include major banks, local authorities, international insurance companies, and individual domestic households.  We carry out all types of wood-finishing, from modern to traditional on furniture:antique and modern.


We also work on commercial projects: panelling, doors, desks etc.


Our services & products

  • Work In Situ
  • Furniture Scratch Repairs
  • Antique & Modern Furniture
  • Wood Panelling
  • Wood Finishing Specialists
  • Colour Matching & Colouring
  • Domestic & Trade Enquiries
  • Banks & Boardrooms
  • Cleaning & Reviving
  • Strip, Stain, Re-finished
  • Furniture Repairs
  • London College of Furniture Lecturer
  • Furniture Restoration & Repairs

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